Cat and Pet Sitting Services Questions

Cat and Pet Sitting Services


What kind of animals do you care for?
We care for most animals so long as they don’t pose a danger to us, including rodents, birds and reptiles. We are also able to care for horses and other livestock when house sitting. The needs and requirements of your particular pets will be discussed in our initial consultation; this allows us to tailor each animal’s care to them.

Roger the rabbit during a pet sitting visit

Exercise time for Roger.

How long are your visits?
A standard visit lasts up to 20 minutes however we will stay for as long as it takes to make your pet happy, secure and comfortable. If your pet needs extra time to form a bond, we will stay for longer as your pet’s happiness is our priority.

Can you administer medication to my pet?
Yes. As long as your pet does not pose any threat, we are happy to administer medication to them for a no extra charge.

What experience do you have in looking after pets?
Abi, founder of Dogs’ Day Walking was raised to be a responsible pet owner, growing up with dogs, cats, and various smaller pets including rabbits, rats, hamsters, mice, gerbils and canaries. Having always had a passion for animals, Abi has long been first port of call when it came to looking after friends and family’s pets when needed. This gave her valuable experience with African grey parrots, a variety of lizards, snakes, chickens and fish. She has also worked with cats in a luxury family run cattery, horses on busy livery yards, riding schools as well as dogs in both day care and walking settings. Abi is calm and professional in difficult situations (administering medication for example), making her a perfect substitute to care for your beloved pets whilst you are away.

Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I’m away?
Certainly! During our initial consultation we will discuss the best way to keep you updated and how often you would like updates. Many owners choose to receive updates after each visit including some photos of what their pets have been up, and an update on their wellbeing. We aim to give peace of mind that they are being well cared for in your absence.

black and white cat playing on a home  visit

Play time

How many visits do you recommend?
We recommend a minimum of one visit a day for all pets, as they can get ill if they don’t eat or drink for 24 hours and you have a legal obligation to provide a healthy environment for them. For younger cats under one, very playful cats and cats who demand lots of attention we recommend two visits a day to ensure they get they don’t get too agitated or lonely. We also recommend two visits a day for older cats as they are more prone to health problems and depression when left by owners. Of course it is up to you how many times you want us to visit your pets but we stipulate a minimum of one visit per day for the safety and benefit of the pets.

What do you do if my pet is unwell?
In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill whilst you are away, then we will contact you immediately and seek veterinary advice if needed.


What happens if I’m delayed getting home?
Delays happen and are sometimes part of modern travel. In the event that you are delayed returning home we will continue your pets visits until you have confirmed with us that you have arrived home safely.

Florence the grey and white rat taking a nap

Time for a nap

How do I make a booking?
To enquire about making a booking you can fill in the form on our website:, alternatively you can contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 07532491388.

House Sitting Services

What will you do while I’m away?
Using the information from your initial consultation, we will tailor your pets care to your specific routines. This will include feeding, grooming and exercising your pets, keeping your home clean and tidy, maintaining your garden as needed and any other special instructions we you have agreed. This means you have the peace of mind of knowing that somebody is in your property overnight seeing to the needs of your pets.

Do I need to provide food for you?
No, we provide our own food, however we can ensure that you have fresh essentials such as bread and milk on your return for a small fee.

Hopefully we’ve answered all of your questions, if not please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 07532491388.