Cat home visits

Cats like to do their own thing, they are their own boss and many cats find boarding in a cattery stressful which can be detrimental for their health. Many owners prefer for their cat to be cared for in their own home while away. Our personalised cat sitting and feeding service is the perfect alternative to cattery boarding or imposing on friends or neighbours allowing your cat to stay in their own home. This service is great for the times you aren’t able to be home – whether it’s a day, a weekend or even a longer break.

Home boarding is a fantastic way for your feline friends to enjoy familiar surroundings and carry on with their daily routine when you’re not around.

A standard visit lasts up to 20 minutes working to your instructions. We will feed, water, and clean up after them. We will administer medication to your pet if this is required. Depending on your cat’s preference I can brush and groom them, as need and we will play with your cat to keep them happy, giving them lots of love, care and attention.

We will also bring in your mail, open/close curtains, put out your wheelie bins and water plants to give your home that lived in look.

We recommend 2 visits per day.