Small animal care

At Dogs’ Day walking and pet care services we understand that it can often be difficult to find someone to look after your smaller animals when you’re not able to be home. Our service is the perfect solution to all of your small pet care needs. With extensive experience with smaller animals including small mammals, birds and reptiles, we know each pet is an individual and deserves to be treated as such. We would love to take care of your small pets while you are on holiday.

A standard visit lasts up to 20 minutes working to your instructions. During our free consultation we will discuss you and your pets needs and requirements. We will feed, water, and clean up after them. I will administer medication to your pet if this is required. Depending on your pets preference I can brush and groom them as needed.

We will also bring in your mail, open/close curtains, put out your wheelie bins and water plants to give your home that lived in look.