About us

Established by Abi in the summer of 2014 Dogs’ Day walking and pet care services caters to the growing trend of individuals, couples and families who enjoy the love, companionship and fulfilment of pet ownership, and want to ensure the best level of care for their pet around the clock.

We believe pet ownership is beneficial both physically and emotionally to owners; as such our pets deserve the best possible quality of life which our services enable owners to provide.

By providing a range of services that fit in with the lifestyles of our customers – from regular dog walks and home visits, to the occasional house sit .

As pet owners, we understand just how important it is to have complete peace of mind when you entrust your beloved pet to someone else and therefore we are fully insured and police checked. You can rest assured your best four-legged friend is safe with Dogs’ Day walking and pet care services!

About Abi

dog, old dog, beach walk, family pet.

Here I am aged 4 with  Glen.

I was born into a pet loving family with  border collie cross Glen as my constant companion and my passion for working with animals grew from there.

I have over 11 year’s experience of working with animals including dogs, cats, horses, various birds and reptiles as well as smaller animals and rodents. Being born into a dog loving family I am passionate about dogs’ health and wellbeing. I am a focused, hardworking individual with a vision to improve the level of canine care as well as owners’ understanding of the needs of their pets while empowering them to meet these needs.

I love being outdoors so whatever the weather I’ll be out with your dog giving them the exercise and attention they deserve.

My Pets

Yoshi Yoshi dog, pet dog

Yoshi is a 9 years old lurcher at best guess. His passions in life are fetch and running. He accompanies us on many of our group walks; always happy, he loves to meet new people and dogs. At home he likes nothing more than to snuggle up in front of the fireplace.

RohRoh dog, border collie, pet dog.

Roh is 5 years old , it’s hard to believe how quickly time has gone since we got him. More independent than his big “brother” Yoshi he has bags of energy and his breed’s natural intelligence. His favourite thing to do on walks is run run run.
Roh loves to be outdoors and lives to be told he’s a good boy.