Puppy visits

Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times in your life and we guarantee we’ll be almost as excited as you.

Even with the most understanding boss and flexible working hours, it’s not always easy getting home from work at lunchtime to look after a demanding puppy. Our puppy day care service gives you great peace of mind that your new best friend will be looked after at times you can’t be there for them.

If your puppy is left alone for excessive periods of time they can easily become bored or depressed. This in itself can lead to a whole host of issues and behavioural problems.

Forget the worry and let us make sure your puppy gets all the love, attention and fun they need while you carry on with your working day. By breaking their day up with fun visits your puppy will be much happier and well rounded. We can feed your puppy, clean up any little accidents and let them out for that all-important toilet stop, then a little play to keep him going until you get home.

Your pup’s brain is like a sponge so this is a really important time in their development. After their final vaccinations we can introduce them to all sorts of sights and sounds in the outside world whilst replicating any training you may be doing.